Raku ceramic classes 


Winter 2021




For information about when it's happening

and how it works, please send me an email to : 



Bye !


This year 2020 has been very hectic for everyone and my little business has been too !

Most markets and exhibitions have been canceled and like millions of designers, potters, craftwomen and craftsmen, artists...

I'm pushing the lines to do all business and communication online !

It's a real work inside my work, because I really prefer to be working with the clay, the colours, the firings, and be improving on the technical sides of those aspects, than having my eyes on the computer's screen most days, dealing with tons of passwords, playing with clicks and slides, trying to explain my work with written words instead of talking to you all with real words coming from my throat...

But acceptance and patience is a path in life, and I'm on it, as well as you also are. Keep all fingers crossed that we'll get to better times.

For now, as I really need to sell what I create, to pay bills and feed the family, I invite you to spend time looking at the gallery and see if you like some pieces. Most of them here have been sold already, but could give you ideas of something you might want to custom order... What's for sale now is mostly in my online shop on Etsy.

Here is the link :


I'm posting new items everyday so go back to it because many pieces will be available in the coming weeks !

If you need a specific information, please write through the Contact form of this website, or directly to :


I'll be very happy to answer your questions !

Take care of yourself and enjoy everyday as it is and with all its tiny happy secrets to which we are invited to give more attention !

All my best for this end of year !





It has already started and everything is so lovely, all what is exhibited at Espace Turner in La Roche Bernard ! 


Just go there !

There is for sure what you are looking for.

For Christmals présents, it's perfect. It saves you from going into huge stores or international chain stores !

Here, it's small, it's quality, it's home made in the area, and with care and love... Why not take advantage of this ?


Everything is explained on the poster on the left. 

We are waiting for you :-)


Thanks for visiting and for buying from us.






It was a wonderful exhibition !



Thank you to all of you who presented their work with me ;

thank you for all of you who came to visit us and see our work ;

thank you to Collectif  BoZ'Art to have permitted this exhibition to happen ;

thank you to those who bought a bowl I created ! 



See you next time !


Just bowls !


Place des Halles in Pornic (44)

August 8th to 18th

10:30-12:30 et 3:30-7:00



Come and see this beautiful exhibition.

Only unique pièces, made with love and great attention !


My work in Vallet, in the Muscadet wine country !


From July 22th to August 25th


Boutique ABIBO

1 rue des forges

44330 Vallet


Plenty of great ideas for presents or to please yourself :

textile - home decoration - jewellery

ceramic.... and more !

Tuesday to Friday  10:00 -12:30 am / 3:00-7:00 pm

Saturday until 6:00 pm

Sunday  10:00 -12:30 am (food market on the town's main place)


Come and visit us !



Summer Raku Wordshops

July 2019

in Nantes !

Monday 9th to Friday 12th 

Monday 15th to Friday 19th


Details : 


Monday 2 to 6 pm : Presentation of raku ceramiste technique, and creation of your pièces. 

Tuesday 10 am to 1 pm : Création, burnishing if necessary. 

Thursday 11 am to 6 pm : Glazing and raku firing. Cleaning of the newly created pieces  pièces.


More information and registration by email at  : lerakudyvanne@gmail.com


Café-boutique Pamplemousse

Nort sur Erdre (44)


Come and see my raku ceramic planters at this delicate and nice coffee shop  Pamplemousse in Nort sur Erdre !

All summer long, all fall long, and after.

New hanging planters every month, for presents, birthdays, parties, or for yourself.  

Pamplemousse Café has a wonderful menu with original refeshments, hot and cold drinks .... You'll also find chocolates, coffees, drinks to take away, and other locally made home decoration items, like lamps by La Suite Ludique, jewellery, illustration by  Katell, Ananda's pottery... 

Have a rest at Pamplemousse after a nice walk along the famous Canal de Nantes à Brest for example...


 18 rue de la Paix in Nort sur Erdre (44)


Open all summer - Closed on Mondays


Spring workshops !


Get a fabulous first raku experience, or come to develop your technique...


To relax, to experiment something new, for the pleasure of creating, to do yourself something you want to give as present... 


Evenings during the week, or

during  weekend



Information by email : lerakudyvanne@gmail.com

Spring exhibition !


May 11th & 12th 2019


Nort sur Erdre (44)

Amazing place :

La Cueilleuse

Ecluse de Cramezeul


along the Canal de Nantes à Brest


Saturday 2 to 7 pm

Sunday 11 am to 6 pm

In January

Kilns are resting

Clay is dreaming

Colors are thinking

Tools meditate ...





 Workshops will be held from February 20 th 2019.

Please leave your email address through this website Contact window if you want to receive the new calendar for this winter/spring workshops !


A raku ceramic workshop, 

it's happiness, discovery, sharing, a special time, and creations to bring home or to give as presents !



La Roche Bernard (56)

December 8 th to January 4 th 


Raku ceramics


With 12 other artists and craftwomen : 

Stoneware ceramics

Home decoration



Wall textile paintings 

Artistic embroidery and  illustrations




Espace Turner (close to the city hall)

11 am to 7 pm

Except December 25 and January 1 st 



After a very nice exhibition

at  Espace Zola last weekend, 


-- I highliy recomand the chef's delicious food at la Cantine of Espace Zola ! 

https://www.espace-zola.fr/le-restaurant/ --


I'll be showing my raku ceramics on

November 30 th and December 1 st

at Comptoir des Alouettes

Epicerie associative

Rue des Alouettes -- 44100 Nantes

5  pm to 7 pm Friday

3 pm to 7 pm Saturday


End of the year exhibitions 


November 24 th & 25 th 2018

Espace Zola - Nantes

6 rue Maisdon Pajot


November 30th & December 1 st

Le Comptoir des Alouettes

Epicerie associative - rue des Alouettes - Nantes


5 pm-8 pm


Espace Turner

La Roche Bernard (56)

December 8 th to January 4 th 


More information coming soon !




Have a look at my raku ceramics,


La Cubana,

A charming small shop in St Céré

in the french département called Lot !


La Cubana selects for you magnificent art pieces which come along with Alejandrina's beautiful flower arrangements. 


Everything is exquisite in this shop,

and the atmosphère is family oriented. A must see, when travelling in South France ! 


It is located

5 boulevard Gambetta

46400 St Céré



La Balade des Ateliers


September 21st-22nd-23rd 2018


Nantes - Chantenay

11 am-8 pm


Comme and push the doors of more than 60 artists studios

and exhibition rooms

to meet hundreds of artist and craftsmen and women,

who will be happy to show you their work all along those three days !


I'll be at n°8 of the Balade map

Place Jean Macé in Nantes



La Jardinerie Orvaltaise


le Raku d'Yvanne

invite you to their bonsaï exhibition  

April 21st & 22nd


Les Jardins du Cens

3 rue Louis Renault

Saint Herblain (44)


10am to 6pm

Free entrance



To start this year,

go see a few of my raku creations

- small sizes - 


Envie de Japon



Decorative tiny cups

Soap holder...


Envie de Japon

4, rue Paré

44000 Nantes


Open Tuesday to Saturday 

1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

de 13h à 19h


La Roche Bernard (56)

Espace Turner


December 9th to 29th

12 artists 





Textile art,

Wood art,



Home decoration,



You are welcome 

every day

11 am-13h30 pm

3 pm - 7 pm


I'll be there next time

Friday and Saturday

12/22 & 12/23

See you there !


This year I'll be happy to present my last creations in a lovely exhibition in

La Roche Bernard (56)


December 9th to 29th

Espace Turner

La Roche Bernard





Open every day 

11 am to 13:30 pm - 3 pm to 7 pm 

(12/24 : 11 am to 3 pm)

Closed Christmas day. 


Here are who and what you'll find in this exhibition : 


Un fil d'elle : copper and leather jewellery 

Le raku d'Yvanne : raku ceramics

Jolycub : Wooden decorative objects

Terre et dentelles : ceramics

Sardine : lamps, pillows, jewellery

Les petits mots d'elle : textile art

Ophélie Trichereau : illustrations, textile art

Lara Graterol : céramics

Ariane Forel : mosaïc

Katell Le Gall : gravure

Arckésac : leather bags and purses

Les décousues : jewellery and textile accessories 



Summer is almost behind us,

so it's time to celebrate this new fall that has already swept in our minds and dressings !

You are then invited to visit a charming little market, in a charming private garden, 

in Sucé sur Erdre,

Saturday and Sunday 

September 23 rd & 24 th !


What will be there ? 

Raku ceramic of course,

Leather work,



Home decoration,

and more !


At Ariane Forel

6, allée de la Chevauchée

44240 Sucé sur Erdre


Free entrance

Saturday 23 rd : 2 pm-7 pm

Sunday 24 th : 11 am - 7 pm



This summer in Nantes :


Le Petit Bazar de Trentemoult


July 16 th 

11am to 19pm


Place des Filets


Trentemoult (Rezé - 44)

(a fishmen village along the Loire river)


with musiciens


street performances !


See you there !




Some new Raku stuff,

in Japanese style of course,

to discover at Envie de Japon Association 

Find us in Hall XXL at kiosk 845


at Foire Internationale de Nantes !

Yes, this year, the big fair's main theme is

"Japan" !


I'll be there Sunday, April 9th


Saturday and Sunday, April 15th & 16th.

See you there !



Le Raku d'Yvanne's workshop

will be open for the

Journées Européennes des Métiers d'Art,


April 1st & 2nd, 2017

11 am to 7 pm


Go check for all information about this great event 

at :



Can't wait to show you my workshop and my work !


Since January 15th,

some of my raku ceramics

can be seen in the shopping area of this new place in Nantes, dedicated to Japan !


Envie de Japon

4, Rue Paré

Downtown Nantes


Go get a glimpse and may be take part of one of the many workshops happening there (calligraphy, japanese embroidery ... 

Here are the links :





Le Raku d'Yvanne

wishes you

a very happy new year

and prays for

a world of

peace and happiness

all along the coming months.




I'm very lucky to expose some of my work next to  Gaia Orion's paintings,

in Nantes

December 9th, 10th and 11th


Gaia Orion : paintings and jewellery

Yvanne : raku ceramic

La Tchaïovna : teas and tea ceremonies from Asia and other places in the world


At Magalie's,

Chemin des Vignes

44100 Nantes

(next to the tramway station : Jean Moulin)


A time to share, to discover and to meet each others...



All along this beautiful fall that already started blooming with its magnificent colors, you'll find my raku ceramics at the shop Influence, in Clisson (44).


Think about what you would like to order, for your Christmas présents ! Raku ceramics need time to be created.  Clocks, dishes, bowls and cups, vases, jewellery, mirrors, empty-pockets, plant hangers... and more ! No need to wait !



5, rue Saint Antoine

44 Clisson

Thursday to Sunday from 2 pm to 7pm

                                                                                                                             Saturday and Sunday, open from 10:30 am to 1 pm

                                                                                                                                       New opening hours in December 

Marchés Artisanaux




June 22 & 23rd : Marché artisanal et de création à Betton (close to Rennes)

September 4 & 5th : La Folie des Plantes, Parc du Grand Blottereau in Nantes

September 14th : Marché artisanal Place Viarme in Nantes

November 16th  : Marché au Café le Brocéliande, in Nantes

December 14th : Marché in Rezé (close to Nantes)

December 7th : Marché in Le Cellier (close to Nantes)




May 16 & 17th : Château d'Olonnes - Marché au jardin du Petit Paris (près des Sables d'Ollones (85)

May 30 th : Marché sur la place centrale de Vallet (près de Nantes)

June 5th : Marché du Vendredi, rue Vauban à Nantes

June 6th : Marché Place de la Bourse à Nantes

July 3 rd : Marché du Vendredi, rue Vauban à Nantes

July 4th : Marché d'art des Agités de la Cale à Haute Ile (Rezé, close to Nantes)

August 1st to 16th : Boutique de Créateurs par Abricadabroc à La Pointe Saint Gildas (Préfailles - 44)

September 5th : La Folie des Plantes, Parc du Grand Blottereau à Nantes

September 12 & 13th : Marché d'art : L'Art est aux Nefs (aux Machines de l'Ile à Nantes)

September 26 & 27th : Marché au jardin à Sucé sur Erdre (close to Nantes)

December 5 & 6th : Marché de Noël de Couëron (close to Nantes)

December 12 & 13th : Marché de Noël de la Chapelle Basse Mer (close to Nantes)

December 19 & 20th : Marché de Noël de Machecoul (close to Nantes)




May 28th : Marché Cours des 50 Otages, downtown Nantes

September 10&11th : L'Art est aux Nefs, Nantes, Grand marché d'art et vide atelier, downtown Nantes

September 17&18th ; Marché au jardin à Sucé sur Erdre (close to Nantes)

September 25th : Vide Atelier - Du bleu entre les nuages - La Chapelle sur Erdre (close to Nantes)

October 1st & 2nd : Marché au jardin à Bouguenais (close to Nantes)

December 9,10&11th : Exhibition with Gaia Orion's paintings (Nantes)